Where there is a blank, the race was not sailed. If anyone can spot errors or omissions then please let me know, C J Mackie.

Year TAKI Cup Race Pursuit Race    Greensleeves Series Hongkong Race Combined Race LPYC Challenge
2019 Ian Eveson David Bursnall John Ball Melvyn Jayes
2018 Ian Eveson John Ball Melvyn Jayes Bill Stacey Ian Eveson
2017 Ian Eveson Colin Mackie Colin Mackie Ian Eveson John Ball
2016 Philip Bryce-Grainger Colin Mackie Philip Bryce-Grainger Ian Eveson
2015 Philip Bryce-Grainger Philip Bryce-Grainger John ball Colin Digweed
2014 John Ball Philip Bryce-Grainger Christopher Jones John Ball Colin Mackie Bill Stacey
2013 John Ball Colin Mackie Bill Stacey Colin Mackie Colin Digweed Colin Mackie
2012 Colin Digweed John Ball Colin Mackie
2011 Colin Mackie Christopher Jones
2010 Christopher Jones Colin Digweed Colin Mackie Colin Mackie S Beddard
2009 Bill Stacey Colin Digweed John Ball Melvyn Jayes
2006 John Ball John Ball
2005 Colin Mackie Colin Mackie Colin Digweed Colin Mackie John Ball Bill Crew
2004 Graham Tottle Colin Digweed Bill Stacey Bill Stacey
2003 Bill Stacey Graham Tottle John Ball Colin Mackie Bill Stacey
2002 John Ball
2001 Colin Mackie Colin Mackie
2000 Ron Isles
1999 Colin Mackie Eric Tutton Richard Ball
1998 Colin Mackie Colin Mackie David Lampert
1997 Alan Davies Alan Davies Richard Ball
1996 David lampert Colin Digweed Alan Davies
1995 Colin digweed David lampert
1994 Colin Digweed Eric Tutton David lampert
1993 Colin Mackie
1992 Colin Mackie
1991 John Ball Colin Mackie Chris Meaden Colin Mackie
1990 Norman Tonry Graham tottle Robert Lee
1989 Peter Scott Colin Digweed Mike Rosenthall
1988 Eric Tutton David lampert
1987 Peter Scott Colin Mackie David lampert
1986 Eric Tutton Mike Senior David lampert
1985 Mike Craddock Mike Senior John Mackie
1984 Geoff Cross Colin Mackie Mike Rosenthal
1983 Colin Mackie Colin Mackie John Mackie
1982 Eric Tutton John Wassell
1981 Eric Tutton
1980 Colin Mackie Colin Mackie
1979 Steve Shotton
1977 Ron Cole Eric Tutton
1976 John Parkes
1974 Vic Parry
1972 J Legg
1971 J Lillis J Burton
1970 D Ball Ann Parkes
1965 J Lillis

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