LPYC Programme 2020
Date Time Class Series Event OOD
Sat 14th March 2020 10:30 All Easter Working Party Work Steve Robertson
Sat 25th April 2020 08:45 Cruisers Greensleeves Race 1 Philip Bryce Grainger
Sun 26th April 2020 09:15 Cruisers Greensleeves Race 2 Philip Bryce Grainger
Sat 9th May 2020 08:30 Cruisers Greensleeves Race 3 John Ball
Sun 10th May 2020 09:15 Cruisers Greensleeves Race 4 John Ball
Sat 23rd May 2020 10:00 Cruisers TAKI Cup Race John Ball
Sat 6th June 2020 07:45 Cruisers Greensleeves Reserve
Sun 7th June 2020 08:15 Cruisers Greensleeves Reserve
Sat 20th June 2020 09:00 Cruisers Hongkong Cup Race Bill Stacey
Sat 4th July 2020 09:00 All boats Criccieth Cruise Social Steve Robertson
Sat 25th July 2020 08:45 Cruisers Pursuit Race John Ball
Sat 1st August 2020 08:30 Cruisers LPYC Challenge Race Bill Stacey
Sat 22nd August 2020 09:30 All Willis Trophy Fishing
Sun 23rd August 2020 10:30 All handicaps Combined Race Race Philip Bryce Grainger
Sat 5th September 2020 TBA Cruisers Reserve Race
Sun 6th September 2020 TBA Cruisers Reserve Race
Sat 19th September 2020 TBA Cruisers Reserve Race
Sun 20th September 2020 TBA Cruisers Reserve Race
Sat 17th October 2020 14:00 and 19:00 Members AGM and Dinner Social  

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