Llanbedr and Pensarn Yacht Club Results
Pursuit Race

Wind was Westerly Force Four to Five. Four yachts took part. Soundwave started at 10.27am, Stardust started at 10.43am, Zingaro started at 10.57am and Shoestrings started at 11.06am. At the end of the race at 12.45pm the order was reversed. Shoestrings overtook Zingaro with barely 5 minutes to go, and therefore was the winner. It was exciting sailing, especially on the long reach from Shell Island mark to the Harlech mark where Shoestrings speeds were 6.5 to 7.4 knots, and surfing on a small wave a maximum of 8.8 knots was reached. Three laps were completed by the first two yachts before the time expired.

There was all sorts of weather, with wind from flat calm to force six, and bright sunshine to very heavy rain. It took over 1 hour in sunshine to reach the first mark at Shell Island. Then the wind picked up to force five, Shoestrings was reefed and furled and heading west. A dark ominous cloud was ahead. All other boats tacked away from it towards Criccieth. Shoestrings pressed on looking for wind. Beating through the squall in very heavy rain and force 6 wind the sailing was exciting and speed varied between 6.5 and 7.3 knots. When the rain eased Pwllheli was ahead and all other boats just specks in the distance. However the wind then dropped right off and we spent a frustrating time drifting up to Pwllheli, but again in sunshine. We could not identify the mark due to about 100 Topper dinghies with red and white sails. We drifted about and when the mark was identified we had gone too far and had to go back out to sea. Wasted about an hour rounding that mark. Slow Spinnaker reach to Porthmadog Fairway through more heavy rain. Easy fetch to Harlech mark, but could see Zingaro's yellow/green cruising chute closing on us. A beat up to the finish ended a good race. Zingaro finished 15 minutes later, Rioja made Harlech to Mochras on the same tack finishing 38 minutes after Shoestrings, Wilcat retired due to steering problems, and Stardust limped in 2 hours and 20 minutes later. Results below.

Class: LPYC Cruisers
Start: 05 August 2017 09:00:00
Hong Kong
Place Sail No Hcap Name Helm Finish Corrected Points NextHcap Series
1 GBR 6877Y 0.941 Zingara Ian Eveson 15:37:26 6:13:59 1 0.949 1
2 0.904 Rioja John Ball 16:00:17 6:19:56 2 0.908 2
3 8283Y 1.015 Shoestrings Colin Mackie 15:22:33 6:28:17 3 1.012 3
4 0.813 Stardust Philip Bryce Grainger 17:42:35 7:04:52 4 0.803 4
RET 0.786 Wilcat John Middleton 6 0.786 6
Race notes: OOD Colin Mackie
Results last updated on 11/08/2017 at 15:57
Race officer was C J Mackie
Wind speed was 0 to 24 kts, direction Westerly
NextHcap column shows the handicap that will be used in the next race for this boat.